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How To Process A Pre-Booking Order:

  • If you are a registered user, login and go to Fiat (INR) Deposit.
  • You shall find the details of our Bank Account where you can transfer the respective amount and then submit the proof of payment (receipt) for verification.
  • There you shall find a new drop-down option for -
  • a) Regular Funds/Wallet Balance (which shall be immediately credited as INR Balance) or

    b) Pre-Booking (which shall be confirmed by the user)

If you confirm to proceed with Pre-Booking, your capital shall be locked and then shown up in your wallet after 24 hours.

  • After it reflects in the INR Funds, the user can go ahead and purchase the USDT from the Exchange at the current Market Rate at the time of purchase.
  • The discounted (Pre-Booking) rate shall be shown at the time of purchase and the discount received shall be refunded back to the user in INR.
  • The ‘Discount’ shall be credited as INR amount back in the INR wallet for the user to utilise.
  • * Only RTGS and IMPS Accepted. NEFT transaction not eligible for pre-booking. If any NEFT transaction then it will be reject and count as regular deposit..


AmountCurrencyDis. Per USDTDiscount


For Pre-Booking -

The User deposits 10000 USDT worth of INR @ र 80 / USDT = र 8,00,000

Let’s assume the Discounted (Pre-Booking) rate to be र 79 / USDT = र 7,90,000

The Discount of र 1 (र 10,000 for this case) shall be credited back to the User.

Therefore, with Pre-Booking, it is possible to save more on regular orders.

Pre-Booking Time:

Pre-Booking Status:

Disclaimer -

This example has been simplified to to make it easier to understand and hence does not include Maker-Taker Fees or other Government Tax

Real-time calculation shall be available at the time of purchase.

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