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Cryptobiz FAQ's

Cryptobiz Exchange is one of the best and the most secure trading platforms around there with an amazing digital holdings infrastructure where the customers can learn and get access to new and exciting products. Built on by our experts with immense knowledge in cryptocurrencies trading, Cryptobiz Exchange provides an experience that can be regarded as of institutional grade for both the professional big guns of Crypto trading and the newbies who want to enter the world of Crypto biz alike Is

Yes, Cryptobiz Exchange holds the needed and regulated license with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. (Head Quarters) , In India it is registered with the Ministry of Corporate affairs. Registration number (14849555) is providing services to exchanging virtual currencies against fiat currencies and providing currency wallet services. The Fiat funds of customers are kept in a segregated custody account.

It works in two ways mostly. Users can buy/sell a single or an array of cryptocurrencies that are listed on our website (On our exchange- see the asset index for the same). such an impressive technology supporting us along with our state of art UI (User Interface), ensures that the user has an easy, smooth and relieving experience overall. For buying Cryptocurrencies on Cryptobiz Exchange, user has to take three simple steps:

1) Account creation:

User needs to create an account and verify the same. Cryptobiz Exchange ’s privacy policies and regulations require some information that is basic in nature from the user in order to make sure they are qualified for our services of virtual currencies. This is a quick and fast process which once completed makes you ready to access your world of cryptocurrencies on Cryptobiz Exchange ’s domain.

2) Wallet alotment :

A digital wallet in order to use the Cryptobiz Exchange platform for either buying, selling or perhaps exchanging your virtual currencies, would be created once you create your account.

3) That’s it, after depositing the funds (As cryptocurrency) you are now ready to join the roller coaster ride with Cryptobiz Exchange. You need to confirm your digital wallet address and then choose your preferred method of depositing the funds via credit, debit or wire transfer according to your choice.

Verification of account: It is our regulatory obligation to verify your ID to keep every transaction safe and away from fraud. This process is very simple and requires nothing but a simple upload of an identification card and a proof of address/citizenship id proof. Our requirements are the following: • ID proof: Passport, Driving license or perhaps a national identification card (In case available in case of availability in user’s country. Passport copy front back with one selfie with paper holding stating our company name with date, signature) both front and back copies. In these copies, the full name, address, date or issues, and expiration should be visible properly. The ID number, passport number or the code lines should also be visible with maximum visibility up to the ends and corner of the ID proof. • For proof of residence: Bank statements, local tax authority or perhaps even utility bills are all accepted. Handwritten bills or any screenshots of banking transactions are not acceptable at any cost. Full name must be displayed along with an address on the client's proof of residence and it must also correspond to the registration. The copy so provided should be clear and visible and preferably coloured one with all the corners of the documents visible.

Our verification process is strict and hence might require some time. If you have submitted your documents already then please do allow us some time for the verification process before you can launch a ticket against the same. If there are any delays from our ends please do pardon us for the same and we assure you it will be resolved soon as our staff is dedicatedly working for the validation of your documents and your account too in the process. Also, make sure to keep on checking your email, as we tend to send an official notification via the same from our company Cryptobiz Exchange. This email perhaps even might be for additional documents that might be missing or required for documentation, which can only be confirmed after its completion.

There are various reasons as to why you might not be receiving any emails from Cryptobiz Exchange: 1) Marking our email as spammed accidently 2) Cryptobiz Exchange might be added into a low priority section which will hinder the process of delivery of the mail into your inbox. 3) Email is delivered but is in your spam or junk folder What if I’m not receiving any emails regarding forgotten password from Cryptobiz Exchange? 1) The user then needs to check if he/she has completed the registration process and has activated the account from the link sent by Cryptobiz Exchange via email. 2) User is requested to again check the Spam/junk folder or perhaps any other folder in that situation where the email has been sent but it is not visible in the inbox. This might be a result of issues related to syncing the mobile apps or the email users. Performing search via a browser after logging into your mail could ease the process. 3) Make sure your inbox is active and the mails are being sent or received. 4) Whitelist our emails coming from our server and add it as a safe sender. If you are still not receiving any emails from us please contact us soon and the concerned person will be ready to assist you in order to get the solution to your desired problem


Our mission is to introduce new and experienced users to virtual assets and create a platform that seamlessly helps them with efficient trading and investment opportunities thus giving an all-in-one solution.

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Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrency you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.We value you and your hard-earned money therefore it is a sincere request to study the market, do your research and only then invest. Seek advice from a professional financial advisory and only then invest.